Who is Glockn9ne?

I have been playing video games all my life, I was first introduced to them on the Super Nintendo playing the Mario Bros series, in my household we had every gaming console that was available growing up. Me and my older brother spent hours on the PS1 and the Nintendo 64. I got into competitive gaming first in Counter Strike but didn’t have my own PC. Me and my brother would go to a local “Gamer Lounge” and pay to play their systems until I got my my own computer and spent the beginning of the 2000’s locked in my room gaming. My top 3 games were Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty on my Xbox. I started streaming my CS:GO tournaments on Twitch in 2017 and fell in love with live streaming until I eventually left CS:GO for Realm Royale where I truly found my place in the streaming world and in that close knit community. 

When I am not Streaming or Podcasting all spare time is spent with my wife and 4 children. My greatest accomplishment in life is being a dad, I have taken a huge step back in competitive gaming and streaming due to raising my kids and being present as much as possible for them which is why I got into podcasting. Everyone who knows me and knows I love to talk to everyone and am very opinionated so starting a podcast was a no brainer, it also scratches that itch for content creation without having to be live at a specific time everyday.

When it comes to the content of the podcast or the kind of podcaster I try to be I always like to remind people I am not a typical “E-sport News” channel and not a Journalist whenever I talk about political issues. My episode topics are normally chosen by YOU the listeners by contacting me via Social media, Email, or on stream and giving me topics you want hear my opinions on. I like to keep majority of the content gaming focused but many listeners know I am addicted to following politics so sometimes I may dive into political issues as well and I truly believe in being able to have discussions about them respectfully and there is no problem agreeing to disagree with someone. I spend time on the podcast reading articles and playing audio clips for listeners to hear and then sharing my opinions on them.